Congratulations to all of our participants and finishers!

2019 Race Results

The Final Team cumulative time results should be available shortly…

2019 Triathlon Individual Bike Lap Results

2019 Triathlon Run and Marathon Relay Results

2018 Race Results

2018 Overall Triathlon Results

2018 Triathlon Individual Bike Laps

2018 Triathlon Run Laps and Marathon Relay Results

2017 Race Results

2017 Overall Results

2017 Bike Laps

2017 Run Laps

2016 Race Results

2016 Overall Results

2016 Bike Laps

2016 Run Laps

JA Laub photography was also very hard at work collecting photos for most of the night. Official Race Photography can be found through the following links:

2019 Event Photos should be available soon, and when they are…. you can find them HERE

2018 Event Photos

2017 Event Photos

2016 Event Photos

2015 Event Photos