Encouraging Camaraderie Among Your Employees and Philanthropy

One of the Key elements that makes the Survive the Night Triathlon unique is the entire team aspect of the race. A full distance triathlon is obviously not short, and it requires a team of swimmers, bikers, and runners. I am most proud of the fact that in my first race held in 2015, over 20% of the participants had never competed in a triathlon before, and it spanned all ages with my youngest competitor being 12 and the oldest 72.

This Year’s Event Will Feature a Corporate Challenge

Businesses choosing to enter a team into our Corporate Challenge will be competing against other Corporate Teams. The specific details are as follows:

Cost of Entry: $1000

Team Limit A max of 10 team members (minimum of 2)


  • $500 credit to be put towards team registration
  • $500 will credited as a tax-exempt donation
  • Guaranteed entry in the event, separate from the max number of open registrations
  • Promotion of your participation via social media
  • Winning team will be awarded FREE team entry into our 2017 event
  • Bragging rights!
  • Unique opportunity to have your employees interacting in a positive way with each other

If you are interested in joining our event as a Corporate Competitor, please contact our event coordinator, Mrs. Meredith Boarman at the Lexington Cancer Foundation, phone number 859-388-2620.