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The inspiration for Team “#SunShallShine UK Pharmily” starts with our ultimate motivator, Shane Winstead. Shane has been the beautiful face behind the #SunShallShine “campaign,” which has helped so many of us to see the positive in this world, rather than the negative. Shane was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, and although she ultimately lost in her battle against this illness, her strength, compassion, and positivity will never be forgotten. Many of the team members had the honor of working with Shane at UK HealthCare and benefited from her passion both as a pharmacist and a mentor to young learners. She showed us every day that,

A positive attitude, strong heart, friends, and family can help us tackle any challenge that life may throw at us


When the opportunity to sign up for the Ironcology Survive the Night Triathlon came across our radar, our team knew that this was a chance to do the kind of thing that Shane exemplifies every day – to be strong, fight for a cause, enjoy time with family and friends, and simply do GOOD to make us feel GOOD!

This Ironcology is more than a 140.7 mile workout. To our team, it’s about family, friends, fighting for a cause, and doing something that makes us happy. The sun will truly be shining on this day, and every day.

Thanks, Shane!

Any donation via the PayPal link above will go directly to the Markey Cancer Foundation, a 501c3 designated organization. You should receive a tax receipt within a few business days.

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