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An essential component to just about every surgical procedure performed for cancer is the anesthesia that allows physicians to perform them. Dr. Feddock relies extensively on anesthesiologists to help him treat his cancer patients, and the original goal behind Ironcology – to upgrade the radiation implant procedural areas – will impact the anesthesia department at UK just about as much as it will the Markey Cancer Center.

Running on Vapor is a team of the very anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists that work with Dr. Feddock day in and day out. They work collectively as a team for their day jobs, and also join together as a team for events such as the Bourbon Chase and now, Survive the Night. They have a personal stock in fundraising for the Markey Cancer Center because they help treat and manage the same cancer patients. And as their name suggests – they may very well have high pain tolerances from working around all those gases and vapors that provide anesthesia.

And even better… they are very likely the most adept team at staying awake for long hours, so be on the lookout for these guys to be rocking all night long.

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