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In order to continue providing top quality care for patients with Prostate, Gynecological, and Breast Cancers, the UK Radiation Medicine Department and the Markey Cancer Center are in need of upgrading and generating a new brachytherapy suite.

Brachytherapy is a specialized for of radiation treatments used to treat a cancer.  Brachy- is greek for close, so these types of treatments rely on placing radioactive sources either in close proximity or directly into cancerous tumors.  Brachytherapy is also sometimes referred to as radiation implants.  Considering that some of the highest rates for Prostate, Cervical, and Uterine cancers in the US are in the state of Kentucky, it becomes even more important to have the best treatment options available here in Lexington.

This project was the original fundraising goal of Ironcology, created by radiation oncologist, Dr. Jonathan Feddock.  The estimated project cost to create a combined state-of-the-art treatment suite at the Markey Cancer Center was 1.8 million dollars.  Dr. Feddock’s goal was to raise $200,000 to serve as a down-payment.  This amount was successfully achieved in June 2015, one year after Ironcology was created.

The project has been presented to the University of Kentucky Capital Allocations committee and has been administratively approved for the full amount, with the total $1.8 million placed in escrow. The project is currently in the design phase with the contractors and is likely to begin construction in the year 2017.


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An essential component to just about every surgical procedure performed for cancer is the anesthesia

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