Blog posts that relate to my preparation and performances leading up to Ironman Louisville

Its only June 17th, and this has been what seems to be the longest year of my life. Today we finished the 3rd annual Survive the Night Triathlon, which in my mind is perhaps one of the accomplishments I guess I have had that I am most proud of. I look at ... read more

This year was my second trip to Kona – and I honestly thought that since I had previously raced here, that I would be entering with a very good understanding of what I was getting myself into… For the past year, I’ve woke up every day an... read more

It’s going to be a long day, no matter what. Every person racing in an Ironman ultimately has to find something to keep their head in the game, and to push through the pain. Over the years, my goals for a particular race may have changed, but I pret... read more

When my wife Shannon makes plans for a day-trip, she makes big plans. We woke up before dawn and were headed out for Volcanoes National Park, with a bunch of other stuff along the way… to include: Southern most tip of the US, Mauna Loa, Chain of Cra... read more

Today was the opening day of race registration for the Ironman, and also the race expo. If you are not familiar, the Kona Ironman expo is sort of the pinnacle event for triathlon. All of the major companies use this as the opportunity to present their lat... read more

We finally made it to Kona! Race week here is something else. As athletes are now starting to come into Kailua-Kona, we left town for one of the coolest and protected areas in Hawaii – Waipio Valley. This is one of the only remaining valleys in the ... read more

The Survive the Night Triathlon is only 2 weeks away, and as I am rushing at the last minute to get everything ready, I am sure everyone competing is rushing to get in that last minute training session or that final tweak to your bikes. Next Saturday, on ... read more

Another Ironman is in the books for me. This one makes number 8, and as with each race before it, I am continuing to learn about myself and critique my performance. The nitty gritty is that I had a very good day overall and managed to finish 6th overall a... read more

There’s a saying in the endurance racing world: “When friends and family tell you that you look fit or thin… you’re ten pounds away from race weight.” “When friends and family tell you that you look sick… you̵... read more