These are selected posts where I share some of my patient’s stories

2014 is almost over and this has been an incredible first year for Ironcology. With everyone’s help, generosity, and support we have raised $141,285.50 in less than 7 months! I have learned a lot this year. Not only about myself including my capabil... read more

Today I had a very unfortunate patient encounter and I felt completely helpless. A few months ago I saw a patient who was diagnosed with a melanoma of the vagina.  Some may think that melanoma is strictly from sun exposure, but this isn’t always th... read more

Some people may not like this post and strongly disagree with me on this topic, but that’s okay, because this is why we all have freedom of speech. I personally do go to church, I consider myself a religious person, but there has always been somethi... read more

By: Erica Radhakrishnan One of my most memorable patients, named Erica, wrote her own blog post and shared it with me today. As one of my final posts before the Ironman, I thought it would be very much appropriate to share someone else’s perspective... read more

I knew the moment it happened that I broke it. It was about 5:15am, the only light I had to go by was the moonlight, and as I ran around the tree at the back corner of Picadome golf course, I rolled my ankle over what I think was a walnut. Its amazing how... read more

I signed up for Ironman Raleigh 70.3 last year after I purchased a Foundation entry because the race had already sold out.  At the time, my wife was registered and would be racing in the professional field, but due to a nagging foot injury, she decide... read more