Blog Posts that relate to my work as a Cancer physician.

This past week, one of the prime news stories on virtually every major news outlet, aside from the usual accidents, deaths, and robberies, has been the recent announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) that red and processed meats are directly li... read more

I’ve written before about why the Louisville Ironman is sentimental to me.  Aside from being my first Ironman, the close proximity to Lexington, the finish line, and the fact many of my friends are always there either racing, competing, or spectati... read more

2014 is almost over and this has been an incredible first year for Ironcology. With everyone’s help, generosity, and support we have raised $141,285.50 in less than 7 months! I have learned a lot this year. Not only about myself including my capabil... read more

Today I was given a wonderful opportunity to use my talents in performing radiation implants in a different kind of patient… a horse. This does not happen very often, and as I was informed today, this was the first ever radiation implant of its kind... read more

As you walked into the preoperative holding room, you could tell from the doorway that something was wrong with this man. Before me sat a hispanic male named Juan, his abdomen was so large he looked pregnant. He didn’t speak english, so I had to cal... read more

One of the most difficult topics to discuss with patients diagnosed with a cancer (besides giving the actual diagnosis itself) is discussing their overall prognosis, or more specifically, what their chances are for a cure. There are many people that we wi... read more

When I was a freshman in college, my track coach called a team meeting 3 days before the SEC cross country championships. He sat everyone down and rolled in a tv/vcr on a cart (no flat panels back then). He yelled for everyone to stop talking and pushed p... read more

Although in the grand scheme of things, I have not been a physician for that long, I had a surprise at work yesterday that I wonder if will ever happen again.  I was paged by my nurse that a patient was waiting for me in the lobby.  Considering I have o... read more